Stop Crime Before It Starts

Break-ins can be costly – businesses report millions of dollars in losses from burglary and vandalism each year. Every business owner wishes crime could be deterred before it occurs; it would save them a lot of time, money, and stress. With Netwatch Proactive Video Monitoring, they can.

What is Netwatch?

Netwatch is an industry-leading technology offered by Comtronics that provides live, remote monitoring and skillful intervention at client sites. Our technology will detect an intruder before they enter the determined area. A specialist from our intervention team will review the live feed from the cameras and issue an audio warning through a speaker to let the suspect know we have footage of them, have dispatched the authorities, and that they need to leave immediately. Our Intervention Specialist will continue to monitor live until the site is secure. You, as the business owner, and any other designated staff will be notified of the threat. With Netwatch, our customers meet their security requirements and experience a Smarter Peace of Mind.

How does it work?

Netwatch protects your business in five simple steps.

1. Detect

The system is installed to monitor the perimeter or unauthorized areas of your site. When our intelligent software detects movement, our Intervention Specialists are alerted.

2. Present

Intelligent software can determine if the detected movement is a real threat. This verification can lead to faster response times and minimizes false alarms.

3. Intervene 

Our Intervention Specialist looks at the live feed from the cameras and quickly assesses the threat level.

4. Warn

Our Intervention Specialist issues a live audio warning to inform the intruder they are being watched, and the police have been dispatched. Each audio warning is personalized to cause the intruder to leave the premise and stop unwanted activity.

5. Respond

Our Intervention Specialist contacts the authorities and emergency contacts to alert the appropriate people of the threat. They continue watching the incident until the site is secured.

How do you know it works?

Our customers greatly value their Netwatch systems! Comtronics has helped deter multiple break-ins with Netwatch’s advanced technology. Check out this video to see our monitoring center respond to a potential crime and stop it!

Netwatch can save you money and stress.

Many businesses with restricted areas hire security guards to monitor their sites. These guards might be stationed at a post or drive through the property on their rounds. 

Guards can be costly. Business owners can expect to pay anywhere from $15-$100 an hour per guard depending on the experience level of the guards and whether they are armed or unarmed. Often, Netwatch is a more inexpensive and effective security option for businesses.

Netwatch does not fall asleep, call in sick, receive holiday pay, or play games on its phone; it is reliable 24/7. Plus, with Netwatch as a virtual guard service, businesses can have peace of mind knowing that their security guard’s life is not at risk by being physically present on the site during a threat.

Who can get Netwatch?

Netwatch is available to all customers- commercial and residential. Netwatch is most popular in business sectors like car dealerships, warehouses, canna-businesses, construction sites, parking lots, schools, and more. 

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