How To Choose The Right Security System For Your Business

We can all agree; having security for your business is essential. The protection of your employees, information, inventory, property, and operations is vital. With a professionally monitored security system, you can have peace of mind knowing that only authorized personnel is entering your business, and someone is always ready to call for help on your company's behalf if need be. 

A security system can also help protect your business's bottom line. A break-in or employee theft can cost you thousands of dollars or more. The question is not IF your business needs a security system, but WHICH security system is right for you! At Comtronics, we want your security journey to be as easy as possible. 

So, what security system do you need? 

1. Burglary and Intrusion 

Most likely, break-ins are your number one concern and the reason you are interested in security at all. Burglary and intrusion include video surveillance, door break sensors, glass break sensors, and more. With 24/7 monitoring and video verification offered by Comtronics, you will experience a faster police response. 

2. Hold Up/ Duress

Depending on your industry, you could fear a break-in where employees are held at gunpoint. With this system, team members can push a panic button, which automatically calls for first responders. 

3. Video Surveillance 

Video surveillance is apart of burglary and intrusion but also a separate category. Video surveillance provides awareness. Keep an eye on your business from anywhere, at any time, in high definition. You can check in on employees or stay updated on day-to-day operations. 

4. Access Control

Through access cards, biometric readers, retinal scans, and facial recognition, you can control who is authorized into some regions of your building. Our system can also track who entered which doors at what times. The limitations are set by you, the customer, and are fully customizable. 

5. Turnstiles 

For a business that experiences a lot of foot traffic, a turnstile might be right for you. Turnstiles are an advanced system that restricts access to one person at a time.

6. Fire Safety/ Carbon Monoxide 

All businesses have fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. However, our sensors are monitored 24/7 and will immediately call for help when triggered. 

7. Flood Detection

Flood damage can cost a lot. A flood sensor will alert you of a water leak before it becomes a big problem. These should be placed in bathrooms, under sinks, in the kitchen, and near any other appliances where water may leak. 

8. Comfort and Energy  

Through your phone, you can manage your office's temperature, lights, and more. You can also receive an alert for high and low temperatures right on your phone. With this system, your business can become more energy-efficient and help you save on your electric bills.

Every system comes with the option to manage remotely through our app, Total Connect. Have complete control of your business and always be in the know!

Do you have a better idea of which systems you would like in your business? The truth is, no matter what size of business you are operating, a security system is right for you. Contact us today for more information and a free consultation! At Comtronics, our goal is to give you a Smarter Peace of Mind, and a security system will do just that.

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