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Financial Institutions

Our systems are some of the most trusted in security for financial institutions — with hundreds of installations throughout the Nation. We offer fully integrated systems for intrusion, fire, and access control. We are proud to install and monitor DMP products since more than 170,000 branches and remote ATMs are protected by DMP solutions.

To ensure the highest levels of branch integrity, institutions require reliable audit trails. Comtronics addresses that need with systems to easily track events and user activity at branches. Branch and IT managers can easily access that information, including reports that allow them to quickly drill down to the desired data. We have been delivering cost-effective solutions since 1958, scaled to your organization’s needs. You can count on us to provide solutions tailored to your needs and to your branch service providers.

A Smarter Peace of Mind

Our systems protect your employees, customers, and assets. Reduce your risk and streamline your business operations with a state-of-the-art system from Comtronics.

Integrated System

With our panels, your business can experience intrusion, commercial fire, and powerful access control capabilities at a competitive price.

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Bank Audit Compliance

Customized reporting and detailed user access rights help keep your business in compliance.

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Alarm Verification

Reduce false alarms and dispatch fees and get faster police response with our built-in false alarm question for alarm verification.

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Mobile Control

Access your keypad virtually from your mobile device and receive customized notifications, so you always know what is going on with your business and employees.

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Customized Support

Your fully expandable security is not a one-size-fits-all system. We treat every customer on a personal level to best suit your business’s needs.

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Professional 24/7 Monitoring

Our 24-hour National Monitoring Center is committed to providing you with the best protection for your business.

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What Clients say

Challenges you may face in the Financial Industry

Our fully integrated security systems, help ensure the highest levels of branch integrity.
• Manage branch service providers — couriers, cleaners, ATM techs — by controlling when and where they can enter
• Customized reporting lets you quickly review any individual’s activities or all events at a specific access point
• Create detailed user access rights, with permissions to enter only certain areas at certain times
• Instantly terminate all access privileges for discharged employees or service providers
• Wearable panic button fob, programmable to function in multiple branches, with alerts for lost fobs, late to test, and low battery power

With 24/7 professional monitoring, our systems help deter burglars and dispatch police if there is a break-in. Access control and cameras can help reduce internal theft as you will always have an eye on the daily operations.

In addition, our systems help ensure foolproof arming. Should a programmed area be left unprotected due to user error (e.g. forgetting to arm before leaving the premises), the area can be customized to automatically arm after a programmed time. Re-arm time can also be customized for each user profile, which is ideal for ATM kiosk areas, ATMs, and cash safes that are to be accessed only briefly

Your employees safety is at the top of your mind - ours too. We have numerous features to help ensure your employees safety when they are arriving to work, locking up for the night, and everything in-between.

Not only do we offer wearable and portable panics, as well as a panic button on our app, our panels have a built-in Early Morning Ambush feature. If selected, when an associate enters his/her code at the keypad upon opening, a timer (1-15 minutes) will begin. Anytime during that timer and branch inspection, the associate must enter the code a second time to stop the timer. If the timer expires, an Early Morning Ambush message will be sent to the monitoring center with the user ID and location.

Our security management system gives you fast, simple, point-and-click control over every aspect of both your access control and security system. All management activities are combined in a single, high-functioning platform. As a network application, you can see and manage your facilities wherever they are from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

With unlimited access and security management functions combined in a single system, you have only one system to learn, monitor, and maintain.
• Manage user codes and data systemwide with 10,000 user codes with 99 profiles per panel
• Remotely configure and upgrade all panels simultaneously
• Visually verify alarms and events with integrated digital video capabilities
• Quickly create reports for a single event or system-wide status

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