6 Ways Your Landline is Costing You More than you Think

The average cost of a phone line is $42 per month, and less than 40% of households in America still use a phone line. If you have been considering cutting your phone line but have held off because it would impact your security system, do not wait any longer! Comtronics has a solution for you that will allow you to save on your monthly expenses and improve your security system.

1) Lower Your Monthly Expenses

If you are stuck paying the average of $42 per month for your phone line, an upgrade to a cellular communicator in your security system could allow you to save up to $37 per month. 

2) Be in the Know, Wherever You Go 

Security systems that operate on a landline are incapable of utilizing many modern features of security systems. One example of this is the ability to control your security system from anywhere in the world using your smart device. Download the Total Connect 2.0 app and select "Test Drive" to see how you could be in the know wherever you go. 

3) Increase Your Peace of Mind 

Upgrading to cellular communication means that being without power does not mean being without security. In the event of an alarm, security systems that utilize cellular communication send signals significantly faster than those that use a landline.

4) Build Toward a More Secure Future

As technology continues to advance, manufacturers have shifted their focus to the devices that will be in demand in the future. Unfortunately, this means that some landline security devices are no longer available. 

5) Increase Your Home's Value

The more up-to-date your system is, the more value it adds to your home. Upgrading your security system will allow the system to grow with your security needs or those of a future homeowner. Enabling your security system to utilize Smart Home devices and features can set your home apart. 

6) Lower Your Monthly Expenses Even More

Smart Home devices allow you to control your home fully. From setting schedules on your thermostat to conserve energy when nobody is home to remotely shutting off lights from anywhere in the world, you are in control of your home.  

Whether you are looking to reduce your monthly expenses, increase your security, or just add some extra value to your home, Comtronics is here to help you cut your phone line and find a customized solution to your security needs. Call or text us at (517) 787-2900, or visit and build your own system today!

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