Six Signs Your Alarm System Needs Upgraded

Like any electronic device, alarm systems need to be upgraded. Older systems become outdated with the innovation of new technologies, and less support becomes available for them. Think about how often you replace your phone, computer, modem, or vehicle. As technology in the alarm industry advances, our products and services become even more reliable and advanced. Here are six signs that your alarm system might need an upgrade.

1. If it is over 15 years old

There have been monumental developments in alarm and communication technologies in the last 15 years. If your system is over 15 years old, it may not be using the latest and greatest advancements. Older systems can still be reliable and protect your home. However, they are restricted by outdated technology and cannot support newer capabilities like home automation or Bluetooth disarming. 

Like computers, alarm systems that are 15 years old may not be as easily reparable or cost-efficient to repair as a newer system.

2. If it uses 2G or 3G technology

 With the release of 5G, cellular carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, are updating their cell towers and networks across America in order to free up bandwidth, provide faster data speeds, better encryptions, and more reliable networks. Like your cell phone, your alarm system uses cellular technology to communicate, providing a quicker and more secure connection. 

If your system is currently using 2G or 3G, it needs to be upgraded to an LTE communicator. Otherwise, when cellular carriers shut down their 2G and 3G service in the next few months, your alarm system will not be able to communicate.

3. If it is connected to a landline

Before alarm systems used cellular technology to communicate, they used landlines. Your system may work great on the landline and still be reliable. However, there are more significant risks with landline systems that may make you consider upgrading to a newer system. For example, if your phone line goes out due to a power outage or a cut wire, your alarm system does not work. With cellular technology, your alarm system works even if the power goes out, if you remove your landline, and an intruder cannot cut a wire to stop it from sending a signal.

4. If it is hardwired

New systems are wireless and battery-operated. If your system is hardwired, it may be time for an upgrade. Wires can break or bend over time and therefore be less reliable. With wireless technology, adding on to your system, moving sensors, and software updates are easy and seamless. Your hardwired system could be upgraded with little work and transitioned into a wireless system.

5. If it is solely an intrusion system

Home security systems have developed many capabilities outside of their classic functions: arming your home to protect it from an intruder. Now, your security system can integrate with other devices for home automation and smart home technologies. Do you still use a key to unlock your door? With a smart lock that integrates with your alarm system, you can experience secure, keyless entry. Have you ever experienced a flood in your basement? With leak detectors, you can receive a notification as soon as the water is detected to help you stop the leak before it causes severe damage.

Your alarm system can be a smart security system but may need to be upgraded to integrate with the proper devices.

6. If it is self-monitored

At Comtronics, all of our systems are professionally monitored 24/7 by trained security experts. If your alarm sends a signal because of an intruder or life safety threat, like a fire, our Monitoring Specialists is prepared to contact emergency personnel. Whether you are at home, asleep, or away, our team is ready to help you protect what you love. If you monitor your system yourself instead of a professional monitoring center, you may want to consider an upgrade.

If you are still unsure whether your system needs to be upgraded or not, or would like a quote for an upgrade, call or text 517-787-2900 or email We are here to help you protect what you love and experience A Smarter Peace of Mind.

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