10 Tips to Help Keep Your Kids Safe This Summer

As the sun is out longer and the weather is getting warmer, your family will be spending more time outside. Protect your kids this summer by following our top ten summer safety tips.

1. Never let children swim alone

Although we do not like to think about it, drowning is a leading cause of injury death for children between the ages of 1 – 14. On average, three children die each day due to drowning. Children should always be supervised while swimming and have a buddy in the water with them. If your child is not a strong swimmer or does not know how to swim yet, make sure they are wearing appropriate life jackets or using another flotation device.

2. Life jackets

Children should always wear life jackets in natural bodies of water like lakes, rivers, and oceans and on boats. If your child is young or a weak swimmer, they should also wear a life jacket in and around the pool. Be sure that the life jacket you purchase for your child is the right size based on their weight and meets safety standards.

3. Drink plenty of water

Without drinking the proper amount of water, a child can quickly become dehydrated, leading to heat exhaustion and other illnesses. The amount of water your child needs varies based on height, weight, and other factors.

A few tips for increasing your child’s water consumption:

Try carbonated or flavored water

Use fun shaped ice cubes or a fancy straw

Add fruit to the water or garnish the top of the glass with a piece of fruit

4. Be mindful of time in the sun

As you know, the sun’s rays can be harmful to children and adults. There are a few things you can do to protect your kids from sun damage.

Apply sunscreen often- especially if they are sweating or swimming

Wear sunglasses and sun-protective clothing

Spend time in the shade – especially during 10 AM – 4 PM, which is the most intense period for UV rays

5. Limit physical activity during the hottest peak hours of the day

This will help to reduce the risk of heat exhaustion and heatstroke. You can help your kid’s body adjust to the hot weather by slowly increasing the time you spend outside.

6. Use child-safe bug repellant

Mosquitos and other bugs are rampant in the summer months. They also carry diseases and can cause discomfort. DEET is effective in repelling bugs, but it is a toxin that can be poisonous if ingested. Talk to your pediatrician about the safest insect repellant for your child.

7. Wear a helmet when riding a bike

A helmet can help prevent head injuries and concussions. Ensure your child wears a helmet when riding a bike, scooter, roller skates, or other toys with wheels. You can set a good example by wearing your helmet as well.

8. Make sure kids are supervised and using age-appropriate equipment on the playground

Playgrounds are a great place for kids to make friends, learn, and have fun. To ensure your kids have a great time and to protect them from falls and potential concussions, follow these simple tips.

Make sure your child is playing on equipment that is appropriate for their age

Be sure there are guardrails to help prevent falls

Check that the ground is a soft material like mulch or sand

Keep an eye on your child and if your child is young, stay close by in case they need your help

9. Be mindful of summer food prep

In the summer, warmer temperatures and humidity cause foodborne illnesses to increase because bacteria grow quickly. Remember to wash your hands before preparing or serving food, do not cross-contaminate raw meat with other foods or utensils, and do not leave perishable foods outside for too long.

10. Install a Comtronics home security system

With the kids home all day during the summer, keeping a watchful eye on them can be overwhelming. With a security system from Comtronics, we help you protect what you love. A security system will help keep your family safe from intruders and give you peace of mind; it can also help you know what your kids are doing.

Here are a few examples:

Cameras can be placed inside and outside of your home. With our app, you can check-in at any time to see what the kids are doing while you are in the other room.

Set up text notifications for every time your front door is opened. You will know if someone is coming or going.

Place a surface contact on your pool gate or liquor cabinet. You will be notified instantly when the gate or cabinet is opened- allowing you to stay in control and prevent a potential issue.

Configure your indoor lights to turn on when your door is unlocked- never walk into a dark house again.

We hope you and your family stay safe this summer, make memories, and have fun. For more tips or information about our smart security systems, check out our other Security Tips or contact us: email or call or text 517-787-2900.

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