3G Sunset and What It Means for Your Security System

Advancements in secure, wireless communication continue to improve. With the release of 5G, cellular carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, are updating their cell towers and networks across America in order to free up bandwidth, provide faster data speeds, better encryptions, and more reliable networks. 

When will 3G be shut off?

Each carrier plans to shut off its 3G service at different times. As of now, each carrier plans to have its 3G sunset as follows:

• AT&T will sunset its 3G service in February of 2022

• Verizon’s 3G sunset will come January 1, 2023

• T-Mobile has not released its 3G sunset timeline 

The cell tower upgrades will impact your 3G devices, including your alarm system, and you need to be ready.

What does this have to do with my alarm system?

Like your cell phone, your alarm system uses cellular technology to communicate, providing a faster and more secure connection. When your system is triggered, it alerts the monitoring center through the cellular pathway. Some security systems run solely on Wi-Fi. However, we do not recommend this as a cellular connection is more reliable. 

If your security system is currently using a 3G communicator, it will need to be upgraded to the latest technology. Otherwise, your system is at risk of losing communication with professional monitoring and emergency response. 

How do you know if your system is currently using 3G technology?

Hopefully, you have already been contacted by your alarm provider. If not, be sure to get in touch with your security provider to ensure that you have the latest cellular communication technology upgrade for your home, family, and business.

At Comtronics, your security and safety are our number one priority. We strive to maintain the most up-to-date and secure communication paths between our monitoring center and your home and business. With the 3G sunset and updates to cellular networks, Comtronics will provide even better service with higher speeds. Call or text us at 517-787-2900 to find out if your system needs an upgrade or if you have any questions about the 3G sunset and its impact. Comtronics services most security systems; if you have a system and need monitoring service or a cellular upgrade, we can help.

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